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Finger cup


Push Mount

Clear plastic tab

Rigid plastic tab

Aluminum ring


Spring clip


Green strap

Handle for industrial filters


The filter can be embossed to give it some relief and allow it to fit a specific system.

Display pack

A display pack giving specifications about the filter (product no., instructions, etc.) can be attached to the filter.


The filter can be folded according to the desired angle by the customer, to allow it to fit a specific system.


The filters can be packaged individually or in multi-packs in a box or plastic bag, with or without specific identification.


A label indicating the certification, product no. or any other information can be affixed on the filter.


A sticker indicating the direction of airflow can be affixed on the filter.

Brushed frame

The aluminum frame can be brushed to give it a high-end look.


The frame can be perforated to facilitate drainage of the filter or any other needs.

Plastic film

A plastic film can be placed on the frame to preserve the brushed finish of the aluminum or to  protect the stainless steel.

Clip for industrial filters

Large industrial filters may be made in two parts, attached together by this clip. Available in steel, stainless steel and aluminum.